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Cecile De Mello

Cecile De Mello is the first to admit that not many of her peers actively seek out Englewood as a place to raise their families. But for this hard-working mother of three, the choice has been rewarding.

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson was intrinsically motivated to come back to Englewood after completing her education because she knew she had a lot to offer. Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Michigan

Tina Hammond

As the owner of West Englewood’s Tina’s Treasures Childcare, she takes great pride in providing quality day care for neighborhood children and acting as a teacher and positive role model while their parents are at work.

Felicia Slaton-Young

As the co-founder and executive director of the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce, Felicia Slaton-Young, a resident of Englewood for nearly 30 years, knows that her neighborhood’s future hinges on a thriving business community.

Michelle “Chellee” Rashad

Chellee Rashad is a change agent in Englewood. A native Chicagoan born and raised in West Englewood, she returned to the city in 2014
after graduating from Howard University. Though Chellee was always passionate about where she grew up, she didn’t truly begin her life’s work in community development until she made the decision to quit her corporate job to focus 100% of her time on restoring her beloved community.

Jonathan “PASTAH J” Brooks

When asked to pick a word that best characterizes Englewood, Jonathan “PASTAH J” Brooks chooses “resilience.” As senior pastor of Canaan Community Church and Chicago city director for Mission Year, Jonathan encounters resilience in his community on a daily basis and encourages Englewood’s residents to work towards peaceful solutions to their problems.

Tonika Johnson

Tonika Johnson first started photographing Englewood as a creative outlet, a natural way to document the neighborhood she grew up in, works in, and continues to call home. It wasn’t until she started sharing her work with friends that she realized the images she was capturing were in direct opposition to the Englewood being portrayed on the news.

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