Welcome to Englewood Rising

Englewood Rising is a community led marketing campaign with the hopes to create positive change and highlight the rich history, culture and value of the Greater Englewood Neighborhood. Englewood Rising will share the success stories, embrace living legends, and implement innovative strategies that can redefine the perception of our community.

We are embarking on a journey to engage residents by having our community define the voice and essence of Englewood, instead of having others define it for us: Our people, our culture, our progress, our neighborhood. Englewood has many strengths that often go unnoticed by those outside of the community. This is our opportunity to show ourselves and everyone that our neighborhood is thriving once again.

Please join us on this journey by sharing your personal stories, images, and thoughts. We want to hear from you – neighbors, leaders and champions – and the incredible impact you, and those around you, make on Englewood each day.

This is #EnglewoodRising.



Tonika Johnson

Tonika Johnson first started photographing Englewood as a creative outlet, a natural way to document the neighborhood she grew up in, works in, and continues to call home. It wasn’t until she started sharing her work with friends that she realized [...]

Tell Us Your Story

Every community is the sum of it's people and their stories. We want to share your story and show your strength, creativity, resilience and kindness to inspire others in Englewood to follow in your footsteps. Please share a brief summary of your stor[...]